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In-Person Worship

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Published September 17th

Greetings, Community Family!


We pray this letter finds you all well and safe. We have an update about In-Person worship that we would like to share with you.


I know some of us are eager to return to worshipping in person and I know that others are still not ready. For those that are not ready yet, that is perfectly alright. We will continue to stream and offer online worship for you, just like we are now each and every week.


For those that are ready, we are writing to share important news about our plans to resume in-person Sunday Morning Worship. Please read this all the way through as there will be important information about how to reserve a spot for worship and the guidelines we all must follow while on campus. And please know these plans are subject to change at any time as this situation is fluid.


Beginning October 18th, we will open our doors for Sunday Morning worship. In order for us to ensure the safety of all who come, we are going to come back with modified worship times and services, and we will have a few guidelines from our Conference Office that we will all need to follow as well.


Guidelines for In-Person Worship

  • Everyone will be required to register online for a space at every worship service to help regulate capacity and give us necessary contact tracing information (Details for reserving a spot can be found at the end of this letter)
  • In order to ensure that we can be socially distanced properly, capacity limits in each worship space will be limited to 100 people – including all of the volunteers, worship leaders, musicians, and pastors
  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to worship beginning to limit the amount of time spent in an indoor environment


To help limit or reduce one’s chance at exposure:

  • We ask that all people be masked while they are on campus and in worship
  • There will be no congregational singing or responses as directed by our Conference Office
  • There will be no passing of common items and we ask that there be no physical contact between folks not living in the same household
  • We will initially offer two 45-minute worship services; 9am Contemporary in the Family Life Center and 11am Traditional in the Sanctuary
  • Everyone will be guided by ushers to and from their seats as a means to avoid bottlenecks at the doors, keep family groups together, and make sure everyone is properly seated via our seating guidelines
  • Sunday mornings will only consist of worship at this time


These guidelines and modifications will give all of us a chance to practice and make sure we are doing this correctly as we love each other by keeping one another safe. As this situation improves, we will look to add more worship services and more opportunities for engagement on campus on a Sunday morning. A friendly reminder, the campus is available during the week for you to schedule a time for a small group gathering. Just call the church office to reserve your time and space.


As you consider if In-Person Worship is right for you, we ask that you consider a few things. If you are sick or not feeling well, we ask you please stay at home. If you cannot wear a mask or are a member of a vulnerable part of our population for this virus, we ask you please consider staying at home. If you can worship at home and do it well, we ask you not to make your reservations till Wednesday or later each week to make sure our folks that do not have internet or computers can reserve their place first.


We also want everyone to understand that when you arrive with your reservation for in-person worship, due to the necessary seating configurations, you may not be sitting in your usual spot or near familiar friends. This will be your chance to meet someone new and see worship from a different point of view.


We miss each of you, and we miss worshipping with you as we all praise our God with all the energy and gusto we have. However, our separation right now is temporary and will be much shorter if we can do this properly and ensure we are loving each other by taking the steps to keep each other as safe as possible.


Know you are loved and be safe!



To RSVP for Worship

  • Click the In-Person Worship RSVP Card below
  • Select your service, and then the date you would like to come
  • Fill out the form and please be sure to answer the question that will let us know if you will need access to accessible seating.
  • Click “Reserve Seat”
  • After your reservation is complete, you will receive an email confirming your RSVP. If something happens and you can no longer attend worship on your date, the bottom of your confirmation email will allow you to cancel your reservation. Please do so as soon as possible, in order for that space to be freed up for someone else to come.


If you cannot register online, please call the church office, (352) 787-1829, and Cathy will be happy to help you get signed up for the service of your choice.