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Small Group Guidelines

Important Information

Small Group Gathering Guidelines


Beginning July 12th, we are opening the building for church affiliated small groups to begin gathering again. While the safest methods of connection remain to be those forms of digital connection like Zoom, these avenues are not always available for all. These opportunities for small group gatherings will create a way for you to connect with friends and ministry partners in a controlled and safe environment.


While on campus there are several guidelines, based upon direction from our Conference Office and Lay Leadership that are mandatory, to help ensure the safety of everyone.


  • All rooms must be reserved ahead of time through our church office so we can adequately regulate crowd size and ensure your room has been sanitized and is ready for your group.

  • Masks must be worn while on campus. This includes in the meeting room, hallways, stairwells, and elevators.


  • Social distancing (6-foot rule) must be observed during your time on campus. This includes in the meeting room, hallways, stairwells, and elevators.

  • Due to social distancing requirements, group size will be limited by available room size. No group will be permitted to exceed 50 people.


  • We have hand sanitizing stations installed throughout the campus, and we encourage you to use them frequently.


  • Currently, no preparation or sharing of food is permitted on site. If you have food requests, they must be approved by the office.


  • As added measure of safety, we would encourage you to refrain from using the water fountains as we seek to limit the amount places where common items would be shared. If you would like, you may bring your own bottle of water with you.


These guidelines will help make sure we are loving our neighbor and doing all we can to protect one another. Thank you in advance for your understanding.