Grow Classes & Small Groups

Starting Wednesday, September 21st

Introducing our Fall Grow Groups!

5:30 - 6:15pm (in the Sanctuary Narthex) - Shirley Keith will be leading this Praise & Movement group as they explore ways to interpret Christian songs and hymns through movement. Come make new friends and enjoy finding new ways to praise God. Those who choose to do so will present a choreographed song during worship in November.

6:15pm classes:

"The Prophet Jeremiah" led by Pastor Mal (Room 100) takes us through the wide breadth and depth of the Book of Jeremiah, using a work by the Biblical scholar Matthew Hammon who designed a study on Jeremiah for the local church. If you are looking to dive deep into one particular book of Scripture, come join Mal in listening to the call of this prophet of old. Dig into this study together and you may be surprised where Jeremiah's prophetic witness takes you, and the word he has for us today!

"Disciple's Path" led by Rev. Linda and Rev. Bob Standifer (Fellowship Hall) is a study on Methodism. Maybe you have been a part of the United Methodist Church for years and need a refresher - or maybe you are new and curious! Wherever you find yourself in your journey of faith in our particular rhythm of grace known as Methodism, this class is for you. The Standifers bring decades of Methodist expertise and wisdom to the table as they guide us through Jim Harnish's Methodist small group study, "Disciple's Path". Join us as we lean into both the beliefs and history at the heart of our faith as Methodists!

(This is a multimedia study, including in class videos for accessibility.)

"Worship Through Zentangle Art" led by Barb Burgess (Room 104) is a small group on how we share in Art as Worship and Prayer. Have ever found that words cannot express what you need to say to God? Have you come across art that speaks deeply to your soul? If you want to learn more how to express your faith in creative ways that gradually unfold with God, join us as we learn how to worship our Creator together through the act of creation!

(No artistic skill or experience is needed to participate, all are welcome.)

"The Naked Now" led by Pastor Kelly (Room 106) is a study on Richard Rohr's work. Contemplation and meditation have become buzz words in the past decade, yet they have been a part of the Christian tradition from our very origins. If you have been interested in the contemplative journey that is a deep part of our faith, but have never quite known how to begin, this book offers a beautiful starting point. Learn both some practical application, and a bit of Christian history as you take the deep dive inward together!

 (This book has both a print and audio version for accessibility.)

6:30pm class:

"Orthodox Heretic" led by Lisa & Oliver Deffenbaugh and Swain & Misty Padgett (Room 208) is a book study of modern takes of Biblical parables. Have you ever had a hard time understanding Jesus' parables, and have you ever wondered how to apply them to your daily life? Author Peter Rollins writes these convicting parables anew to our culture and context, so that we might have a better lens to understand this trickster, Jesus of Nazareth, who was called a heretic by those who crucified him! 

(This book has both a print and audio version for accessibility.)

We are excited to Grow together this fall, so come out and join us!