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Say hello to the staff team at Community Church

Meet our staff

Say hello to the staff team at Community Church. Got questions for the staff at Community? Contact us by clicking here.

Daryl and Debbie Allen - Senior Co-Pastors

Daryl and Debbie both grew up in the United Methodist Church. Debbie has been in ministry since 2001 and Daryl since 2009. They were appointed to Community in 2015 as the Senior Co-Pastors. They have three children - Parker, Wesley, and Davis.

C.J. Hill - Associate Pastor

C.J. joined our Community team in July of 2019. He has served churches in Florida for 10 years and is a graduate of Northern Michigan University and Asbury Theological Seminary. C.J. and his wife Amy, have three children; Madeleine, Tim, and Abby.

Mal Patterson - Visitation Pastor

Mal joined our Community team in 2017 as our Visitation Pastor. He is a retired pastor with vast experience in ministry. Mal and his wife Joyce, have two children and two grandchildren.

Dave Brucker - Treasurer

Dave joined the Community team in 2021 as our Church Treasurer. Dave and his wife, Betsy, have been active members of our church for years. In additions to be a part of the staff here at Community, Dave has served as a previous Chair of the Finance Committee, volunteers with Vacation Bible School, served as a coordinator and tutor for our mid week tutoring program with the local elementary school, and also plays in our Hand bell Choir.

Jill Flohr - Community Christian School, Director

Jill joined our Community Staff in 1993. She has faithfully served the children in our Community Christian School for over twenty years seeing to their educational development and social growth.

Amy Hill - Minister of Youth

Amy joined our Community Staff in July of 2021. Her deep love of others and of learning has enabled her to create an amazing atmosphere, and a safe space, for our youth to discover God and their faith. Amy and her husband, Pastor CJ, have three children; Madeleine, Tim, and Abby.

Jennifer Landstedt - Creative Design and Program Assistant

Jenn joined our Community staff in 2018, lending her amazing talents to our program staff. She helps to keep us organized and moving forward as we seek to engage with those around us. Jenn and her husband Joey, have three children; Shya, Elsa, and Josiah.

Joey Landstedt - Minister of Contemporary Worship/Technical Director

Joey joined our Community team in 2017 and oversees the technical aspects of our campus in addition to leading our Contemporary Worship services; 9Thirty and Seven02. Joey and his wife Jenn, have three children; Shya, Elsa, and Josiah.

Phil Maldonato - Custodian

Phil joined the Community team in 2021. Phil is part of the great team of folks that ensures our campus is ready to welcome all who will enter its doors. With a energetic spirit and willing hands Phil does a great job making sure our facilities are ready for all that gather here.

Cathy Nocera - Office Manager

Cathy joined our Community team in 2020. She oversees the administration aspects of our church and front office. Cathy helps to make sure we are all on the same page and ready to engage our church with our community.

Mary Ann Rockenbach - Pianist

Mary Ann joined the team at Community in 2014. She accompanies the Sunday morning Chancel Choir in our Traditional Worship service as well as various ensembles adding a wonderful element to our times of worship. Mary Ann also lends her talents to other concerts throughout the year.

Carlos Rousseau - Custodian

Carlos joined the Community team in December 2020. He comes to us from our Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center right here in Fruitland Park. Carlos, with his eager to help spirit, does a tremendous job making sure our campus is ready to receive and welcome all who enter its doors.

Faye Umble - Minister of Children

Faye joined the Community Team in 2007. She oversees all of our programs for children through the 6th grade. A few of the many programs she oversees is our Tutoring program, Wonderful Wednesdays, and our Sunday Night Connect program.

Diane Wright - Minister of Traditional Music

Diane joined our Community Team in 2019. She leads the Chancel Choir each week at our 8 A.M. and 11 A.M. worship services and oversees the various ensembles and hand bell choir that share with us in worship throughout the year. Diane also plans and hosts annual concerts and cantatas at Community. She and her husband Tom are active members of the church family.