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Current Sermon Series

Scriptures and Topics for our Current Sermon Series

The Unexpected: A Lenten Journey

February 26th (Ash Wednesday): Unexpected Movement

Luke 5:17-26

Rev. Daryl Allen

March 1st: Faith in the Unexpected

Luke 7:1-10

Rev. Debbie Allen

March 8th: Unexpected Life

Luke 7:11-17

Rev. Daryl Allen

March 15th: Unexpected Healing

Luke 8:40-56

Rev. CJ Hill

March 22nd: Unexpected Hope

Luke 14:1-4

Rev. Daryl Allen

March 29th: Expect the Unexpected

Luke 17:11-19

Rev. Debbie Allen

April 5th: Unexpected Blessing

Luke 18:15-17

Rev. CJ Hill

April 9th (Maundy Thursday): Unexpected Invitation

Luke 19:1-10

Rev. Debbie Allen

April 12th (Easter Sunday): Unexpected Encounter

Luke 24:28-35

Revs. Daryl and Debbie Allen